terry was founded in 2008, but is part of a much bigger story that began in 1898 under Thomas W. McDonagh. Throughout the 20th century, the McDonagh name was synonymous with quality furniture, designed and produced in Northern Ireland. Today we are still a family run company built on the values of integrity and care, with a renewed focus on luxury design and build and craftsmanship. Our roots keep us humble – but our factory is really a laboratory, a studio and a playground. Just like the original McDonaghs, we are designers and craftsmen with a passion for what we do.

Luxury Design and Build Northern Ireland, Dublin and London



For us, collaboration isn’t just a buzzword. It’s an integral part of what makes terry. The Design, Make and Fit teams work together to find the best way to create something unique that really works for you.


Design is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that each project requires a unique approach and treatment. Our designers work hard to understand your story and create a narrative that reflects your passion and brand. We aren’t just a design studio; our designers are immersed in the craft of making. We are able to pool our manufacture and fit expertise early in the design process and are driven by the desire to create something unique and lasting.


There are no production lines at TERRY; our 50,000sqft workshop combines traditional craftsmanship with the latest fabrication technology to ensure every item is made with precision and care to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our skilled makers are experts in carpentry, joinery and finishing; we are sticklers for detail with a passion for what we do. We work with a variety of steel and specialist metal fabricators, stone masons and upholsterers to ensure there are no limitations to our fit outs.


We fit out every space with acute attention to detail and a talent for innovative solutions to any challenge that arises during the process. Our design-led approach and collaborative way of working gives our clients the assurance that any detail or finishing, no matter the size or complexity, can be tailored to meet their expectations. The result is a unique design and fit out that is both practical and beautiful.

Our streamlined and integrated design, make and fit service, enables us to work across a range of scales and sectors. Whether designed in house or not, every project is managed with the same commitment to quality, ensuring value for money and consistent high quality.


we are terry.