Colourful oriental flavours with a uniquely Irish twist.

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Dishing up colourful oriental flavours with a uniquely Irish twist, Yugo offers its customers an atmosphere reminiscent of Asian markets. Our client wanted to create an experience that pushed beyond the typical oriental eateries; something that spoke volumes about their values and devotion to quality. The timber clad open plan kitchen is presented in an honest, theatre like manner, showing everyone the love and attention that goes into each and every dish.


Kyle Stewart



  • Interior Design
  • FF+E
  • Brand Integration
  • Joinery Package
  • Lighting + Electrical
  • Project Management
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Working alongside Yugo we wanted to make this restaurant the number one destination for Asian fusion cuisine in Belfast. Expanding upon their enthusiasm for creating new and exciting menus, we too wanted our design scheme to reflect this idea by combining eastern design with western finishes. Focusing on a neutral colour palette we enhanced the atmosphere by focusing on the materiality applied to the space. The pattern of the of the solid ash worktops with the slatted reclaimed pine counter and the pale brick cladding create an inviting ambiance for customers. Our internal fit out team carried out the full interior fit out including the intricate display wall cladding and high-level kitchen partition.

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