Restaurant, Belfast



A contemporary eatery, Yügo, in Belfast dishing up colourful flavours of the Orient with a uniquely Irish twist. The brief for the restaurant design was to create an experience that pushed beyond the typical oriental eateries to give diners an authentic Asian dining experience. Taking inspiration from traditional Japanese design and landscapes, we created a space that balanced clean lines with soft playful elements. We used a mixed palette of timbers, with raw steel, aged brick and concrete to ground the concept in its industrial location of Belfast. A ceiling filled with spherical bamboo lampshades gives a subtle yet playful nod to the colourful paper lanterns typically found in Asian restaurant design. The walls are decorated with hanging succulents and cacti, bringing the beauty of nature indoors. Finally, the open plan kitchen is presented in a theatre like manner, bringing an atmosphere reminiscent of Asian markets and street food to diners.